Best Dive For a Dollar

Dino’s Lounge

dinosloungeDino’s is the self-described “last neighborhood bar in Las Vegas.” The Bartolo family’s been slinging cocktails to locals (with nicknames like Whiskey Linda) and appreciative out-of-towners since granddad Dean opened the place in 1960. Nearly 50 years later, Dino’s is still going strong. The nearby Arts District’s monthly First Friday block party — when the bar draws a young, arty crowd to hear up-and-coming bands like Lemonvine and The Raft — have helped introduce a whole new generation to the bar’s old-school charm.  Dino’s becomes a must-stop for karaoke lovers Thursday through Saturday, as Danny G. wrangles a rowdy crowd of would-be warblers, and live music kicks off at 10 p.m. every Friday. Finally, you’ll know you’ve made it when you’re tapped to join in the weekly game of 99. Hosted by Dean’s granddaughter Kristin, the exclusive Friday night card game is a nearly 50-year-old institution — and played by invite only.

Blueberry Hill

rest_blueberryhill_photoYou don’t have to walk through a labyrinthine casino where crowd negotiation is an art, but do plan on a good 20-minute line most Sunday mornings if you want to eat at Blueberry Hill. The family restaurants serve good, old fashioned, fat-filled food to all wallet sizes. Specializing in the $5, 24-hour breakfast, where scoops of white whipped butter, golden stacks of pancakes, and interminable cups of coffee are served by a battalion of church-lady waitresses, Blueberry Hill keeps the lines jamming in the foyer. With a menu of middle American and Mexican fare, this joint has something for everyone, even if that something is Italian meatloaf smothered in mozzarella ($6.95). In fact, the most you can possibly pay for a meal here is $8.95, and that is only if you like your defrosted cod (the guarantee of pure cod rather than fish product or the fake stuff is given right on the menu) breaded with slaw and fries. When in doubt, go for the eggs. There are six Blueberry Hills around Vegas, and the one on Green Valley Parkway in Henderson even houses a lounge. 702-436-6664.

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