Best Butts and Breasts Magic Show

Scarlett and Her Seductive Ladies of Magic

Versailles Showroom
at the Riviera Hotel and Casino

scarlett-magicWith every new show on the Strip carrying the label “a Cirque du Soleil production” it takes some intrepid investigative work to find a quirky little show that combines two of our favorite things…magic and boobs.  It takes even more effort to actually create and put on such a show, but we found one at the Riviera.  And while the perky little production makes a valiant effort, we still miss the days of “The Showgirls of Magic” at the former San Remo (now Hooters), or “Melinda…First Lady of Magic.” Scarlett wears well her requisite minimal costume and later a bikini, and her Seductive Ladies provide the essential bare breasts (one pair natural, the other pair augmented…you decide).  But she’s no Lance Burton or Steve Wyrick.  Alas, we may have to let this format slip off into the pages of old Vegas, but not without a fight.  We’re just not ready to see it disappear into thin air.

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