Best Breakfast All Day

Hash House a Go Go

hashhouseagogoSophisticated food in a comfortable atmosphere and large portions is what puts Hash House A Go Go on the map. This casual dining restaurant features “twisted farm food”– a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options made from fresh ingredients.  Try items like the sage fried chicken and waffles, with an intoxicating aroma and righteous crunch. Other options include crispy salads, comforting meat loaf, chicken pot pie and gigantic flapjacks in flavors like brown sugar banana and apple cinnamon. True, some Las Vegas buffets are quite good but none can hold a candle to the “twisted farm food” served at Hash House a Go Go, a funky/chic restaurant that got even better in December of 2011 when they opened up a new branch inside Imperial Palace.  The brainchild of escapees from Indiana, Hash House takes classic American farm fresh food and puts a wild, almost delightfully bizarre at times, spin on things. Their signature breakfast hashes come in the standard corned beef variety but you can also get it with more esoteric items like roasted chicken and garlic with asparagus and rosemary; salmon with cream cheese and scallions; chorizo with jalapenos; or even meatloaf with spinach and mozzarella. “Farm Scrambles” are like those Denny’s skillets only jacked up a couple thousand notches with options such as bacon, avocado, and Swiss cheese; ham, spinach, and cheddar; or smoke salmon and brie. Even their flapjacks and waffles are something “more” with options for the former including blueberry pecan, snickers, apple cinnamon, and mango coconut among others and vanilla, granola, and bacon for the latter. They’ve even got something called “O’Hare of the Dog,” a 24-ounce Budweiser served in a paper bag with a side of bacon.


Original Pancake House


Up all night and sleep all day — the Vegas sweet life. But when you finally get ready to call it a night, where can you go to get a good breakfast? Check out the Original Pancake House. Don’t be fooled — it’s not a Vegas original. The joint’s an import from the Pacific Northwest, where people give their food some respect. Open from 6am ’til 10pm, this is the best spot in Vegas for hot cakes. The food’s good, it’s fast, and best of all, it’s cheap. So grab yourself a booth, and don’t worry about that wine stain on your lapels; the place is come-as-you-are. Better to go early or go late, as the lines are as thick as the maple syrup.

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