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Eyecandy Sound Lounge & Bar

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

TRA/vegasbars eyecandy4. Undated handout photo, Las Vegas, NV. The bar at eyecandy sound lounge in Mandelay Bay in Las Veags. © 2008 MGM MIRAGE.

Located in the center of the casino floor, eyecandy sound lounge & bar features unrivaled technology that redefines the Las Vegas nightlife experience. Interactive touch tables, revolutionary sound stations and a dance floor allows guests to be in control of their nightlife experience all from the comfort of their booth. Guests can create visuals and messaging as well as project images onto screens above the dance floor, becoming part of the sensory experience, where each night has a unique vibe.  A fiber-optic channel runs through the bar top combining lighting and movement to form a shimmering effect. With cocktails created by world-renowned master mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, this setting offers the perfect getaway, just steps from the casino floor.  The Best of Deftal DJs and VJs spin seven nights a week.

Beauty Bar

517 Fremont Street
near the Fremont Street Experience

bar_beauty_photo“Salon of Beauty,” the unassuming sign on top of the storefront-like, unobtrusive Beauty Bar announces, and if you didn’t know any better, you might walk right on by. Fortunately you DO know better, which is why you’re visiting in the first place! This is a place short on self-important bouncers, expensive bottle service, and breathless, velvet-rope crowds. Instead, what you’ll find here is an understated, proudly kitschy ambience punctuated by industrial-looking, ’50s-era hair dryer seats imported from a salon in New Jersey, along with lots of white, gold and green vinyl. Expect the crowd to get younger as the night gets later.

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