Best .99-Cent Shrimp Cocktails Las Vegas

Player’s Deli

Tropicana Hotel
vegas-shrimpcocktailThe 99 cent shrimp cocktail is alive and well. In a town where bits of old Vegas history are dying off every day, some traditions seem to have the half-life of a 100-year-old Twinkie. The Tropicana is undergoing its own painful metamorphosis, but they’ve seen wise to preserve a connection to the past while they transform for the future. There are some things you just have to do when you visit Sin City and this stop should be on your list.

Another Shrimp Cocktail Hotspots

Golden Gate Casino Deli
What would a trip to Vegas be without a little cocktail? We suggest the one at the Golden Gate in downtown Vegas. They still serve Vegas shrimp cocktail in a glass as if it were the sixties, and they’ve got the same red-walled, smoky decor as when the joint opened in 1906. If you want to see vintage Vegas, this is the place. If you want a taste of the way Vegas used to be, head to the bar & deli inside the casino. Remember to ask for the lemon wedge.

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