Skywalk Over The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Skywalk

60 miles northwest of Peach Springs, Arizona

grand-canyon-skywalkStep outside Ghostbar at the Palms and there is a tiny glass deck 50 stories above the ground. A little spooky maybe. For some real sphincter-tightening fun, try standing 4000 feet over the Colorado River on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a one-of-a-kind glass bottom, cantilever bridge. An architectural marvel completed in March, 2007, the Skywalk was built to withstand an excess of 71 million pounds in weight on top of it. (That’s the equivalent of 71 fully-loaded 747 airliners piled one on top of the other!). To date, nearly one million visitors have experienced the Skywalk and its magnificent views of the Grand Canyon. The specially-made German glass which forms the platform for visitors to walk the experience also plays a big part in the durability and beauty of Skywalk. Each of the 46 panes forming the walkway are constructed of 5-layers of glass bonded together and laminated, weighing in at 1,200 lbs a piece, and making the glass incredibly strong while still providing a crystal-clear view of the canyon below.

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