Hot Spots In Las Vegas

Grab your mouse, baby; you’re about to get totally clued in to what’s going on in Las Vegas. See the easy to read layout? It won’t bog you down with tedious mumbo jumbo, so your eyes don’t get too bloodshot from reading. What you have here is our informed opinion on the very best places to stay, to dine, to swing based on years of research and experience in the Vegas scene. We know the hottest shows, the smoothest entertainers, the most impressive landmarks, and the best places to get lucky (I ain’t just talkin’ about casinos). And listen, if someone asks how you found, just tell ’em a little mouse showed you.


hs_bl_imageBars, Nightclubs, and Lounges

How do we know which nightclubs, bars and lounges are the best? Our reviewers have been to all of them, and they’ve had the hangovers to prove it. If Tony Romo, Tiger Woods and hottest stars of sports, film, TV, and music come here to get their groove on, so should you. Check out our insiders’ recommendations. [more]


If you’ve visited Las Vegas recently, you might already know that this gaming mecca no longer treats gastronomy as an after-thought, but now makes it a main attraction. The $2.99 prime rib dinner now shares real estate with some of the biggest names in fine dining. Grab a fork and dig in to our guide to eating in Las Vegas. [more]


From shiny towers like Aria in the City Center complex to the tiny Artisan, secret hideaway of the sexiest celebrities. Try skinny-dipping 40 stories off the ground at the Palms or the world famous Bellagio & Ceaser’s Palace we’re your concierge. Find special all inclusive package available only to our guests. Check in time is now.


Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World for very good reason. We live here and we can barely keep up with all the excitement. Looking for the world’s largest gentlemen’s club? We’ve got it. Maybe your walls are covered in Garth Brooks posters. He’s backÖhere. A nightclub created and hosted by Eva Longoria? Check it out here. [more]


OK, you know Sin City has gaming, nightclubs, shows, amazing food, and liquor enough to float a cruise liner. What you may not realize is how many other attractions we have. Like indoor skydiving. Or indoor go-cart racing. Or the sickest thrill rides anywhere. Check out Glitter Gulch’s sportier side. [more]


The last 10 years have witnessed the emergence of Las Vegas as a shopping destination. Planeloads of tourists land here and head straight for our malls. From Fashion Show to Grand Canal Shoppes to Crystals, we have thousands of places for you to blow through all your money and actually leave with something to show for it. [more]

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