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Crazy Girls

(CLOSED)Mardi Gras Theater
in the Riviera Hotel and Casino

crazy-girls15,000 Shows. 21 Years. 150 girls. If you love premium cabaret, you’ll love Crazy Girls, the original sultry Vegas floorshow. Sin City’s longest-running revue is anything but stagnant. The show is constantly updated to deliver Vegas’ sexiest girls with new, eye-popping routines. The millions of customers that have seen the show include Magic Johnson, Nicholas Cage, Roseanne, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Tom Jones, Martin Lawrence and Chyna Doll. See Crazy Girls for a night of topless, pole dancing, booty-shaking fun in an intimate showroom atmosphere. Crazy Girls is perfectly titillating for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and couples. The famous Crazy Girls tribute statue attached to the Riviera Hotel’s facade was born out of a historic Las Vegas media war.  In 1994, city officials sought to persuade the Riviera to take down a billboard on Fourth Street near City Hall, but the show refused on grounds that taking the ads down would infringe on the girls’ First Amendment rights. The bronze statue depicting the now internationally famous image was erected years later as a tribute to the Girls’ successful fight. Today the statue is an international symbol of good luck, and thousands of visitors visit the statue each year to rub the trademark bare bronze derrieres. The Crazy Girls’ controversies didn’t start there, however. Years earlier, Crazy Girls shocked Las Vegas by performing without tights – a testament not only to the show’s willingness to make headlines, but also to the show’s high standards for the athleticism and sexiness of its performers. With nearly everything laid bare, there was no question which show had the hottest girls in town. In 1999, Republican state Senator Bill O’Donnell declared the sexy ad showing the Crazy Girls’ bare backsides too racy, and pushed to remove the ads from Las Vegas taxicabs. The Crazy Girls fought back and prevailed once again. The ads can still be seen on Vegas taxicabs today. Las Vegas’ most sizzling topless show still pushes the envelope night after night with new erotic, heart-thumping routines. The numbers are hotter than ever, and the show is committed to staying true to its scandalous roots.

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