Best Places To See The Galaxy

Log Cabins

Mt. Charleston Lodge, Kyle Canyon

log-cabinsThe historic Mount Charleston Lodge is located at the end of Highway 157 at the top of Mount Charleston with lodging in 23 log cabins and breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.  Since the 1997 debut of the Mount Charleston Lodge’s individual log cabins couples and families have been creating memories to last a lifetime.  Each A-frame cabin also features a covered rear balcony, perfect for quiet times, viewing the spectacular scenery and enjoying the cooler & fresher mountain air.  Make plans for hiking – the Cabins are located at the trail head of several of the area’s most popular hiking trails.  And plan to spend part of your night under a blanket staring up at the stars.  This far outside of Las Vegas, the sky at night comes alive with stars you simply can’t see from anywhere on the Las Vegas Valley floor.

Bonnie Springs

1 Bonnie Springs Road, Las Vegas

attract_bonniesprings_photoThis bar/zoo is the destination of choice if you want to have a great hamburger, sip a stiff hot toddy, and see a few coyotes and raccoons to boot. The spot is Bonnie Springs Ranch, about 20 minutes outside of town. Park and take the toy train ride to the entrance, feed the geese who’ve taken up residence in the pond, have a spin through the petting zoo and aviary of odd birds, hang out by the bull pen, then head for the bar and restaurant. Take heed: leave your necktie at the door before it’s snipped from your neck in this no-tie rule anti-establishment. But head out late in the day so you can return after sundown, where a stop along the road will premiere the best natural show in town – a star-packed sky where meteors fall like coins from slot machines. Then again, those may not be meteors. Keep plenty of Reese’s Pieces on hand.

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