Best Place To Speed Without Getting a Ticket

Exotics Racing

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

exotics-racingEver dreamed of owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin or Porsche?  Besides the implied improvement in your ability to attract the opposite sex, it’s almost pointless to own a vehicle that can do 198 MPH in the U.S. because…well…where are you going to drive it flat out like it was meant to be driven?  Seriously, even 75 MPH on a desert highway is a limited experience.  Or you could make a stop at Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and put a Ferrari 430 F1 through its paces for 20 laps around the same track NASCAR rides on for the 2010 Shelby American Sprint Cup Series.  Groups are welcome too.  Client and team building events, seminars and conferences will take another dimension when participating in Exotics Racing’s group and corporate events.  Check out for more information.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

rec_rpetty_photoWhen you feel the need for speed, but you’ve already used up all your traffic school exemptions, the place to go for pedal-to-the-metal excitement is the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Petty School provides racing fans and thrill-seekers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 600 horsepower Winston Cup style stock car in one of the safest and most exciting driving and riding programs in the world. Strap yourself into one of these road rockets and blow out all your commuting traffic jams frustrations with a solo ride from eight to eighty laps. Britney Spears did her fast-and-furious best here. Want more, but aren’t sure you’re ready to do it yourself? Try their Ride-Along Program, which gives you a chance to ride with a professional instructor for a Winston Cup-style qualifying run at speeds in excess of 160 MPH. It can get really hot in the cars during the summer, so October to early June are the best times to come unless you want a quick ten-pound weight loss.

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