Best Place To See Sharks

The Tank at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

The notorious Golden Nugget pool is now The Tank – a $30 million complex complete with a shark aquarium, a 3-story waterslide, live gaming tables, and seven private cabanas. Five species of sharks and various game fish encompass the 200,000-gallon tank, the centerpiece of the pool complex.  Shark species include sandtiger sharks, brown sharks, Pacific blacktip sharks, nurse sharks and a zebra shark.  There also are southern stingrays.  Guests get up close with some of the oceans’ sleekest and deadliest beings. Or climb 30 feet in the air, lean back and let gravity show you an exciting ride through The Tank in our secured waterslide. This experience is unparalleled. After swimming with the sea creatures, dry off and enjoy a drink at the H2O Bar.

Shark Reef

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas has plenty of them: card sharks, money sharks, nightclub sharks…It’s definitely a town where only the toughest survive. And yet, ironically enough, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is one place where you can find respite from the cutthroat life. The sharks are real, the sea life is rare, and all is explained and laid out in front of you in a compelling environment, circling from the sand to the depths of the sea. But the two dozen or so sharks that circle over and under are only a few of the beasts you’ll see here. Nile crocs, killer turtles, monster jellyfish and moray eels also share the spotlight. And check this out: the giant sting rays like to be petted. It’s a good hour full of strange fascination. And right smack in the middle of the desert, no less.

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