Best Indoor Amusement

Pole Position Raceway

pole-position-racewayPole Position Raceway was created in September 2005 in Corona, California, by co-founders Jason Williams and Ken Faught. The growth and expanding popularity of indoor karting, combined with first-class operations, have made Pole Position Raceway one of the fastest growing companies in the sport. During expansion, Williams and Faught teamed up with Brad Mark for the Las Vegas and Summerlin tracks.  Pole Position Raceway provides state-of–the art Formula EK20 karts for adults and EK10 karts for junior Racers. Our karts can speed up to 45mph for adults and approximately 20mph for kids.  When NASCAR comes to town in late February, it’s not unusual to find some of the drivers relaxing with a spin around track.  Notable celebrities include Kurt Busch, Travis Pastrana, Corey Hart, Jamie Little, and Jeremy McGrath.


Circus Circus

attract_adventuredome_photoCynics may question, “Why does Las Vegas need indoor amusements when it has gaming, shows and topless pools?” To them, we reply, “Hello!? Have you been here in July?” Reportedly the largest indoor amusement park in America, the Adventuredome, offers 5 and a half acres of kiddieland fantasies under the protection of a giant, pink glass dome. Best rides include: the Canyon Blaster, a hurtling double corkscrew coaster that climbs to 90 feet; an IMAX film ride through circus clown dementia; Chaos, which spins you forward, backward and upside down; and the Rim Runner, a coaster for those of you who like it wet. There’s also the usual fun for the family, like the Ferris wheel, carousel and bumper cars and more clowns than the House of Representatives. The best game plan is to buy a day pass. It’ll cost you $15.95 and allow you the freedom to come and go as you please, although the park doesn’t take more than a few hours to cover every ride.

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