Frequently Asked Questions


What should I be weary of?

Some hosting companies will quote you a price, charge you, and then when they get you out with them, BAM, they break the news to you that there are additional TIPS you will have to dish out for you to get what you want from; Waitresses, Club Hosts, Security Guards, LINE people, Limo Drivers etc. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH VEGAS HOT SPOTS. Our hosts will quote you an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE. That means, you get exactly what you pay for, NO HIDDEN FEES. You are going to get past whatever line we told you that you would get past, you are going to get that table you wanted, your limo driver isn't going to shake you down or try to upsell you worthless entry or drink cards, and most importantly you are going to feel like a VIP when you walk past hundreds of people standing in a line waiting to go where you are going. We have your entire Las Vegas Trip Covered, From A to Z.


I can buy a line pass somewhere on-line, why should I use VHS?

Because we provide HOSTED ENTRY. You can buy a line pass, but if the club is packed, and there are 100's of people in line to get in, you aren't going to get priority, and you are going to have to fight your way to the front. When you book with VHS, we take the gamble out of it, one of our HOSTS will meet you at the club and Walks you in! Our hosts know the bouncers and this way we can guarantee you admittance without any problems everytime. You can roll the dice with a pass, but if that doesn't work, who do you call? Our Hosts are right there for you!


Why should you use Vegas Hot Spots?

Sure you can call up a nightclub and "RESERVE" a table. But that doesn't mean you will get that table when you show up. If it is your bachelor party and you "RESERVED" a table for 8 guys at XYZ Club. If you show up at XYZ Club at 11 pm, you then have to wait in line at the bottle/table line at XYZ Club. If XYZ Club is packed, like most Las Vegas Clubs, when you get to the front of that line, XYZ Club might decide that letting in 8 more guys in without a large tip isn't on the agenda that night. If that happens YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH VEGAS HOT SPOTS. If you "RESERVE" your table with us, it is not a simple RESERVATION. IT IS A GUARANTEE. A Vegas Hot Spots Host will show up when that club opens and pre purchase your table! We will have the alcohol placed on the table, and a VHS host will greet you when you walk up to the club. There will most likely be hundreds of people in line, and you and your group will glide past everyone walking right up to a table with your bottles on it, your waitresses and hostesses at the club have already been tipped and taken care of. AHHHHHHHHÖ.No headaches.


Why do I need your service?

At XS for instance they have hundreds of tables. At 11pm those 100's of tables start to show up at the club. That is why they have a BOTTLE/TABLE LINE. If there are 100 tables and they average 8 people per table there could be hundreds of people in the BOTTLE/TABLE LINE alone. Some nights the BOTTLE/TABLE Line can be as long as the regular admission line. Even though you have a table you will wait in that line for an eternity. After that line you may have to tip the host to get the table you want, plus you will have to order your bottles, provide your credit card and drivers license and wait for your card to be charged and your bottles to be brought to your table. We estimate this takes anywhere from thirty-minutes to an hour of your time. NOT WITH VHS. A VHS experience is simple. You walk up to the club, a VHS host greets you in front and walks you to your table that already has your bottles on it.

What are you celebrating in Las Vegas?

We can help make it amazing.

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